Welcome to 2021!

Welcome to 2021, a new year bursting with possibilities and as many unknowns as any other year. What makes this year different? For one, we have so many extraordinary obstacles to overcome. Yet, one thing that we excel in in the Academic Design Program (ADP) is reflection, and forward progress must employ reflection to overcome hardship and be its best self. In ADP we see the possibilities to connect and improve together.


This year our methodology - design-based learning (DBL) - turns 50, yet remains fresh and innovative since we are all about never-before-seen solutions. Amidst the tumult of distance learning our teachers and students have risen to the challenge of completing ADP Design Challenges with enhanced and effective technological solutions to connect us across time and space.


ADP always redesigns, improves, and thoughtfully redirects each year to make it’s lessons relevant and meaningful for our students. We feel confident that we will use what we have learned through these trials to inform our academic efficacy and compassion towards students.


Our student’s and staff’s personal challenges have also informed how we treat each other and I am constantly impressed by our heart, grit, and vulnerability.

We can do this: together!

-Elisabeth Everts

ADP Grade Level Coordinator and former ADP teacher 

January 20, 2021