The 2018_2019 School Year

Welcome to the 2018_2019 school year! In the Academic Design Program (ADP) we are starting our sixth year at Walnut High School, and couldn't be more excited about what's to come! The students have just elected their new council--a picture and the names will be posted on the home page soon--and we have already completed two Design Challenges (and two presentations) in all of the classes.



In addition to Ms. Borihane, Mr. Cornell, Mr. Bandy, Ms. Alder and Ms. Sorbara, we have a new teacher in the program this year. Mr. Bandy is joining us and will be teaching Language Arts in 10th and 12th grade. 


Mrs. Everts has arranged for all three of our grades to visit different college campuses this year, and will be working with our University-bound seniors in the coming months to prepare applications. 


We're all looking forward to a great school year!